Services and Rates

Baker Editing Services offers several different options for your editing and proofreading needs. Our rates are competitive, because good, clear writing is our passion, and we feel there is no need for you to pay a fortune for high-quality editing work.

Services Details Rates
With this service, we will check for and correct grammar, spelling, word choice, and punctuation errors. We will also let you know whether you failed to properly cite a quote or other borrowed material, if you made obvious mathematical errors in tables or charts, and whether other minor problems need to be fixed. $2.50 per page*
Substantive Editing With this service, in addition to proofreading, we will correct sentence fragments and lengthy run-on sentences, correct or add in appropriate paragraph transitions, clarify ambiguous or weak language, remove repetitive or unnecessary information, and assist with some re-writing if needed. We can also provide constructive criticism and advice on whether certain sections need to be re-written by you. $3.50 to $5 per page*
English Transitional Editing This is designed for individuals for whom English is a second language, who are new to writing in English, and who need substantial assistance in making the transition to fluent writing in another language. We will provide all the proofreading services for you and will re-write sentences as needed to ensure they are clear and grammatically correct. We will also provide extensive commentary in the margins of the paper in order to assist you in improving your writing. $5 to $6 per page*
–Level 1
We will edit your existing resume, condense it if it is too lengthy, change passive language to active language, rearrange sections to present key information sooner, check for date gaps in employment entries, and perform other services as needed to give your resume a superior, professional appearance. $25-$50
     –Level 2 We will craft a superior, professional resume for you. You will need to provide a document or information in the body of an e-mail to us with some information about what kind of work you have done, your education, and what kinds of skills you have. $100
Writing We can draft many of the document types listed on the home page as well as others not listed. We will NOT write homework assignments, college essays, master’s theses, or doctoral dissertations for you, though we will of course edit such documents. Determined on a per-project basis.
Tutoring We will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your writing, speaking, or literacy needs. If you are located within a 30-minute drive of our home office, we can meet in person; otherwise, we would be happy to tutor you via Skype, a free online service. $40 per hour

*Due to variations in line spacing (single vs. 1.5 vs. double) and font size, the number of pages will be determined before work is begun by getting a total word count (using the word count feature in Microsoft Word) and dividing by 300, which is the average number of words per page.

We can usually accommodate your deadlines. There is no extra charge for next-day or two-day service! (Please keep in mind though that we cannot always accommodate last-minute requests, particularly with lengthy documents.)

There is a $5 minimum charge per transaction.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our rates and services!